Welcome to the homepage of Kinosaki Onsen"Shinzan".
We look forward to welcoming you to Kinosaki's largest public bath and delicious food.
Shinzan Kinosaki
Neo-classical appearance that brings retro aesthetic.


Notice of business resumption

The museum has been closed for renovation work since August 20, 2023.
We have resumed operations from November 17th.

Please enjoy "Shinzan", which has been reborn in Taisho modern style with the theme of "fusion of tradition and modernity".
All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.

Booking from the homepage is the ❝lowest price❞ and is definitely a great deal!

  • Lowest room rate & one free drink at dinner!

    As a special privilege for booking from our website...
    ① Jalan plan are guaranteed to be the lowest price compared to online reservation sites such as Jalan Net and Rakuten Travel! (Excluding sale periods on internet reservation sites.)

    2. If you plan to stay for 1 night with 2 meals or dinner, you will receive one free drink at dinner (draft beer, sake *excluding cold sake, shochu, highball, soft drinks, etc.)!
    ※Please understand that there is no refund even if you do not need one drink service.

Magic show during the year-end and New Year holidays on December 31st, 2023, January 1st and 2nd ♧

  • Magic shows will be held from 8pm on December 31st (Sunday), January 1st (Monday), and January 2nd (Tuesday)!

    "Magician Hayato", a very popular magician who is displayed at the top of Google's image search and performs more than 300 shows a year♠
    A 360-degree magic show that can't be seen from close range will be held as a special event of "Shinzan"!
    You may have seen magic on TV, but I think there are few opportunities to see it live.
    At Kinosaki Onsen"Shinzan", enjoy a mysterious magic show, the largest public bath in Kinosaki, and seasonal crab dishes!
    It's sure to be a memorable trip!

"Shinzan" Music Evening*MC: Masao Horie Performer: Horie Children(3 siblings)

  • A mini classical concert will be held on December 2nd (Saturday) from 20:00 to 21:00 in the "Shinzan" lobby.

    Performance: Horie Trio
    Three siblings based in Osaka.The eldest brother, Makio (cello), graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, the second brother, Keita (violin), completed graduate school at the Vienna State University of Music, and the younger sister, Kotoha (piano), graduated from the Moscow Conservatory.Although each of them focuses on their solo activities, their performances together have been well-received in various places, with people calling it ``the special harmony of brother and sister breathing.''

  • *Masao Horie (Asahi Broadcasting TV announcer) will be the MC, and the Horie Children (3 siblings) will perform.

    MC Masao Horie(Asahi Broadcasting TV announcer)
    Joined Asahi Broadcasting in 1989.He has worked as a caster for the national network ``Super J Channel (Saturdays and Sundays)'' and general host of Kansai evening wide ``Move!''.Currently serves as a Monday news commentator for ``Good Morning Asahi.''"Masao Horie's The Symphony Hall Hour" is currently being broadcast on the radio.Father of the Horie Trio.

Information on crab dishes

  • Crab dishes from November 17, 2023!

    This is an example of crab dishes from November 17, 2023.
    One boiled crab, a small pot of crab, fresh fish sashimi with crab sashimi, crab sushi, etc. Approximately 2 bowls of crab per person, Tajima's proud domestic brand beef, Tajima Beef It is a luxurious menu with a pottery grill.
    Enjoy winter Shinzan crab dishes.


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1011 Yushima, Kinosaki Town, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

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Transfer available (conditions)
Upon arrival, take Ryokan Association's check-in bus (free) from Kinosaki Onsen Station for about 5 minutes.
Check-in bus runs from 12:30 to 18:00.
In the morning, we operate a shuttle bus from our hotel to the station.
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  • Enjoy traveling deals and useful information

    ① Enjoy the Public Bath Houses Hopping!

    ·Speaking of the specialty of Kinosaki Onsen Public Bath Houses Hopping
    ·Guests staying in Shinzan Rakutei can enjoy all the hot springs for free.
    (There are 7 places outside, there may be rest hot water. )
    ·If you put a stamp on the stamp book (sold at the front desk for 50 yen), you can receive a souvenir at the front desk!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.