【Official】SHINZAN RAKUTEI(Shinzan Rakutei)

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection                                           At this facility, the following safety measures are taken with the customer's safety and security as the top priority.

◆Employees who come into direct contact with customers wear masks.
◆We have installed a splash infection prevention screen on the front desk and shop.
◆We perform health checks and hygiene management for all employees.
   We carry out temperature measurement and health check before starting work for all employees.
   In addition, we carry out hand washing and alcohol disinfection in this facility, including when entering the museum.
◆A disinfectant solution is installed in this facility.
   Disinfectants are installed in major places such as the lobby, elevator halls on each floor, toilets in common spaces, entrances to dining venues, and entrances to large communal baths.
 ◆Air purifiers are installed in guest rooms, lobbies, and dining venues.
 ◆We have stopped driving the jet towels in the toilet in the common space.
◆We are disinfecting the shuttle bus and various parts of the facility.

Request to customers
 If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please refrain from visiting the museum.
 Only the representative is required for check-in and check-out.
 We ask you to disinfect alcohol when you enter the museum and when you enter the dining venue.
 In addition, if you feel any abnormality in your health during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible.

The above safety measures may be changed at any time depending on the future situation.
I think it may cause inconvenience to our customers,
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Information on advantageous campaigns for residents of Toyooka City

  • There is a great campaign in which Toyooka City subsidizes citizens only for accommodation and eating and drinking in the city!

    "STAY Toyooka + (plus)"
    Campaign content:Toyooka City will support 50% of the accommodation fee.
    We will subsidize 35% of the accommodation fee and distribute coupons that can be used at registered stores in the city for 15% of the accommodation fee.
    Accommodation period:From December 28, 2nd year of Reiwa to February 7th, 3rd year of Reiwa
    How to apply:Please say "Use" STAY Toyooka + (plus) "when making a reservation."
    Make a reservation by calling the target facility directly or from the facility's Official website.

    *In order to use "STAY Toyooka Plus", you need to apply for subsidy.
    For details, please click the image on the left to check how to use "STAY Toyooka Plus" in Toyooka City.

Guidance:From December 28th to January 31st, the GOTO campaign was exempted.

  • At the request of the government, there is no discount for the GOTO campaign during the above period.I am sorry.

Go To Travel Campaign 35% Discount

  • Go To Travel Campaign 35% Discount(In addition, 15% of regional coupons with souvenir tickets)  

    After making a reservation for this site, please apply for a discount application with STAY NAVI.
    step 1:Reservation → Select a plan make a reservation (subsequent application saves 35% of the room charge)
          Will be done.)

    Step two:Go To Travel Campaign Banner at the bottom of the top page
          Please access the STAY NAVI member registration page.

    Step 3:Please enter your email address on the STAYNAVI member registration page.Arrived back
          Please access the reservation information registration screen via email and enter the reservation details.
          If you enter the wrong information, the discount will not be applied.
          Please be careful.
  • Customers who make a reservation from this website, 1 drink service per person (excluding infants)

    Please choose one drink from the items designated by the museum.
    It is a great deal with a drink.

    However,"Bento plan","1 Night/ Breakfast Included plan","plan without meals"
    Is not applicable.
    in advance,Please understand.

Guide within this facility

  • lobby

    The lobby to greet customers is retro style.
    A bright and ornate atmosphere creates the beginning of a journey.
  • Hakuhinkan

    In the spacious shop full of openness, we have a large selection of souvenirs that will be memories of the trip, including those of the earth.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

SHINZAN RAKUTEI(Shinzan Rakutei)


1011 Yushima, Kinosaki Town, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number



Transfer available (conditions)
On arrival, from Kinosaki Onsen Station, it takes about 5 minutes by Ryokan Association's check-in bus (free).
The check-in bus runs from 12:30 to 18:00.
In the morning we operate a bus from the hotel to the station.
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Nearby tourist information

How to enjoy

  • Enjoy traveling deals and useful information

    ① Enjoy the Public Bath Houses Hopping!

    ·Speaking of the specialty of Kinosaki Onsen Public Bath Houses Hopping
    ·Guests staying in Shinzan Rakutei can enjoy all the hot springs for free.
    (There are 7 places outside, there may be rest hot water. )
    ·There is a free ticket at the front desk.
    ·You can get souvenirs at the front desk by stamping on the stamp book (sold for 50 yen at the front desk)!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.