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How to enjoy

  • Enjoy traveling deals and useful information

    • ① Enjoy the Public Bath Houses Hopping!

      ·Speaking of the specialty of Kinosaki Onsen Public Bath Houses Hopping
      ·Guests staying in Shinzan Rakutei can enjoy all the hot springs for free.
      (There are 7 places outside, there may be rest hot water. )
      ·We will give you a free ticket at check-in.
      ·You can get souvenirs at the front desk by stamping on the stamp book (sold for 50 yen at the front desk)!
    • ② Let's walk the hot spring town with a color yukata!

      ·It is the real pleasure of Kinosaki Onsen walking in the yukata rock and spa town.
      · Shinzan Rakutei you can rent a color Yukata at 1,000 yen
      ·Eat gelato, make hot spring eggs, watch souvenirs ... Let's take a couple, friends, family and a hot spring town.
      ·Let's enjoy the aerial walk and view at the ropeway.
    • ③ Let's go through 4 hot springs in the Ryokan.

      There are four public baths in Shinzan Rakutei.

      Part1 Genbu-no-yu (Granite bath)
      Byakko-no-yu (Garden bath)
      Part2 Suzaku-no-yu (Cypress made bath)
      Seiryu-no-yu (Open Air Bath)
      Part 1 and Part 2 can be used in evening / morning, by changing genders.
    • ④ Let's go to Kinosaki Onsen Town at night.

      There are a number of shops that you can enjoy retro shooting and pachinko in the streets where many souvenir shops follow.
      Let's enjoy something nostalgic landscape somewhere in the spa town.
      The feeling of traveling to Kinosaki, which is different from the daytime, is at its best!
    • ⑤ A lot of fun even after checkout!

      Second day of travel! Please reach out to the hot spots!

      ① Kinosaki Marine World (Approximately 15 minutes by car)
      A popular aquarium where you can see a dolphin show or a penguin walk

      ② Castle town "Izushi"Izushi (Approximately 40 minutes by car)
      Izushi famous Osojo. Depending on the store you get a souvenir if you eat a lot. Let's eat buckwheat ice cream while walking around the castle town.

      Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork (Approximately 20 minutes by car)
      You can see the special natural treasure stork of the topic now. You can be happy when you see a stork!? ?

      Kannabe Plateau (Approximately 60 minutes by car)
      Mecca of outdoor sports. The best ski resort in Kansai winter